Twenté design is a Singapore based design studio specialized in Interior Design and Landscape Architecture. Our design philosophy can be best captured with our slogan 'Design Your Life' based on our three core values:

Best practice in design
At Twenté design we follow international best practice in design, considering a wide range of parameters that will make a difference in your daily life.

A personal approach
At Twenté design we are committed to delivering design with a personal touch. Our design approach seeks to incorporate your wishes and ideas and our knowledge of place making and practical design solutions. Each design comes with a personalized piece of Foto Art™ as a signature element for your home.

Twenté design is committed to durable design. This is reflected in our details and specifications that aim for a good life span. But it is also reflected in our design principles, that allow flexibility for the space to be adjusted to your ever changing needs.

Call us now at (+65) 66775997 or contact us now at and we will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange for a non-committal consultation.